Welcome To SSA Technology

SSA Technology Innovations is a minority, woman-owned professional placement firm located in Washington, DC area. We specialize in technical recruiting to provide hard working professionals to a wide variety of clients at a reasonable cost. We offer services in the area of service support, project management as well as software development.

[Our Mission & Vision]

What We Do

SSA Technology Innovations ultimate goal is to help skilled and available professionals reach their career objectives as well as to assist companies in building and maintaining effective staffing strategies. We want to be your subject matter expert and provider when it comes to staffing and recruitment, transitions from projects for direct hire and direct hire services to start-ups, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies.

Our recruiters, with information technology and staffing backgrounds, maintain a professional human resources department. Our recruiters are well connected in the community, providing and identifying adequate resources to help each individual be successful in their field.


What Our Client Says

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    Straight to the point course. The instructor was very knowledgeable and patient. Made sure you understood the material and if not, always made herself available to assist. Once the course was complete the instructor did an excellent job with updating my resume. I received numerous calls the moment I uploaded my resume. The interview preparation/tips helped ease my nerves. I landed a new job within a week and a half.

    • S. Ferguson
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    Shantel is professional, reliable, and effective. Whether you need extra classroom instruction, or just have a question after-hours, she was there from start to finish. She won't stop working for you until you land the job! Thank you Shantel!!

    • M. Lacy
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    I was referred to Shantel by a friend of mine. I was a bit hesitant to take the course at first but the way she explained it to me and took the time to break everything down made me feel more comfortable and confident. The classes were very straightforward and easy to follow along with! My questions were always answered even outside of the class room. I am currently on the search for a job right now and have been getting interviews! I wouldn't even be to this point without her help.

    • K. Buitrago
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    I was definitely a little nervous when I decided to go ahead and begin taking this class but I was also excited about the possible opportunities that will come after I finish this class. During this class it was very easy to follow along and learn. There is a lot of information given and resources needed to prepare myself for my new position. It’s not technical at all, once I finish the class I felt like I gain more knowledge than I have had before being my first time in the IT field. After completion of the class my resume was prepared and sent out for multiple opportunities. I’ve had different types of interviews as well as had a job offer but unfortunately that did not fall through. I am still looking for my first position since my class ended. And yet Shantel is still trying to help me secure my first position and I am just waiting for that next opportunity! Make sure you study the information given and always ask questions! She’ll definitely give you an answer or find it for you.

    • V. Collier