| August 1, 2020
ITS/DoDIIS Messaging Engineering

LCAT: Systems Architect Level 3 or 4
Analyzes and evaluates major system project requirements of considerable complexity requiring a thorough understanding of all
parameters affecting and interfacing with the system.

| August 1, 2020
Data Center Engineering

LCAT: Systems Engineer Level 3 or 4
Maintain responsibility for multi-skilled operations, including Layer-3 networking, virtualization, systems
administration, and platform support.

| August 1, 2020
Profile Management

LCAT: Subject Matter Expert Level 3 or 4
Analyze users’ desktop profile requirements, enterprise concept of operations documents, develop high–level
system architectures to and engineer/implement enterprise profile management solutions.

| August 1, 2020

LCAT: Subject Matter Expert Level 3 or 4
Install, configure, and maintain Microsoft Active Directory domains and forests, including bare metal and virtual
Windows server management.